Christiana von Arnim

Our intelligent and sophisticated CEO, Christiana, is our current First Lady. Up front, she’s the business end of the Warwick team, but give her a few minutes and her sense of adventure emerges. She grew up amidst the vines of both Pfalz in Germany (classic Riesling), and Alsace in France (hipster Riesling), but she’d drink Alsace any day of the week. She refuses to choose between Meryl Streep and Emma Thompson, because ‘the classics transcend petty comparison’, and, as a seasoned drone pilot, her dream flight would be straight over the Namib Desert's Sossusvlei.

What is the most important advice you can give someone about wine? Don’t wait for a special occasion to open a bottle of wine. Opening the bottle will create the special occasion.

Just what is it about wine that you find so appealing? Not only does a good glass of wine vastly enhance almost any situation, but it opens up the entire world for you. In addition to the aromas and flavours, you’ll find complex layers of history, topography, soil and climate, rounded off to perfection through the winemaker’s philosophy, creativity and inspiration.

What is your favourite Warwick wine, and what do you love pairing it with? The Blue Lady Cabernet Sauvignon paired with gnocchi, gorgonzola and walnut sauce.