Hibiscus and Strawberry Rosé Daiquiri

Short Serve

  • Simple syrup (1:1) 15ml
  • Lime, freshly squeezed 15ml
  • Warwick Rosé 60ml
  • Copeland Rum 30ml
  • Hibiscus tea (1 bag/200ml) 15ml
  • One large strawberry muddled 
  • Two dashes orange bitters
  • Four basil leaves
  1. Place strawberry and basil in cocktail shaker and muddle.

  2. Add ice and the rest of the ingredients and shake until ice cold.

  3. Double strain into coupe glass.

  4. Garnish with basil leaf and two dashes orange bitters.


    “The strawberry and the rosé aromatics are amazing, and the hibiscus adds bitterness and tannin to counteract the strawberry getting carried away. Basil also helps lend minty herbaceousness and get it more into grown up territory. The orange bitters is optional, but does make it similar to a Cosmopolitan, which is a good thing,” Copeland Rum distiller, James Copeland.