Warwick First Lady Dry Rosé & Musgrave Pink Gin Cocktail.

Makes just over 1 litre | Preparation Time: 5 minutes, plus freezing time

For one drink
  • 4/5 Blocks Ice
  • 1 Shot Pink Gin
  • 1 Shot Vanilla Syrup
  • Equal Parts Warwick First Lady Rosé and Fitch & Leedes Soda
  • Generous squeeze of fresh Lime
For a batch
  • 1/2 Bottle Warwick First Lady Rosé
  • 200ml Musgrave Pink Gin
  • 150 ml Vanilla Syrup(add a little more if you prefer a sweeter cocktail)
  • 100ml Lime JuiceFreshly squeezed limes work best!
  • 400ml Fitch and Leedes Soda
  1. Mix the Warwick First Lady Rosé and Musgrave Pink Gin together in a jug. Pour into desired glassed and top with the soda water.
  2. Add in the vanilla syrup, dividing equally amongst the glasses until you are happy with the taste.
  3. Add lime juice to taste.
  4. Garnish with mint (make sure you smash the mint leaves between your palms to release the oil and flavor) and thin wedges of lime.