Beef Brisket Burger

Serves four | Preparation time: 10 minutes | Cooking time: 30 minutes

For the brioche buns
  • Milk 750ml
  • Granulated sugar 30g
  • Instant yeast 15g
  • Large eggs 4plus one extra for egg wash
  • Cake flour 500gSlightly warm
  • Salt 12gPlus extra for brushing
  • Butter, softened 300g
For the burger
  • Beef brisket 600gaim for 70% meat and 30% fat
  • Fresh thyme 10g
  • Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • Olive oil 100ml
For the plum compote
  • Plums, cubed 300g
  • Granulated sugar 200g
  • Warwick First Lady Cabernet Sauvignon 100ml
  • Star anise 2
  • Star anise 2
  • Skinny fries, to serve
  1. Make the brioche buns by heating the milk until just boiling. Dissolve the sugar and the yeast in the milk. Beat the eggs until frothy. Slowly add the warm milk mixture, continuously whisking.
  2. Mix the flour and the salt together, then add the egg mixture to the flour to form a rough dough. Should you have an electric beater, place the dough in the mixing bowl and knead with the dough hook attachment for 10 minutes – if not, some labour and love is required. Whilst kneading, add the butter little bits at a time until everything has been incorporated. Knead for a further 5 minutes and place in the fridge to rest until chilled.
  3. Move on to the brisket: using a sharp knife, slice ½ cm thick slices of the meat. Cut each slice down to ½ cm cubed strips, then continue to dice the brisket until you are left with coarse little bits. Mix in the thyme and season with salt and pepper.
  4. Shape into 3cm thick patties, that weigh roughly 150g each. Place in the fridge to rest.
  5. Preheat your oven to 220C. Remove the brioche dough from the fridge and shape into small balls of about 5cm in diameter. Place on a greased baking tray, leaving enough space in between each roll for it to double in size, and cover with a damp tea towel (make sure that the area in which you place the rolls is not too hot, otherwise the butter will melt out).
  6. Make the plum compote, by placing all the ingredients in a heavy-based pot over low heat until the sugar is completely dissolved. Turn up the heat slightly and simmer gently until the liquid becomes syrupy. Remove from the heat and set aside.
  7. Brush the proved brioche buns with a little egg wash. Place in a preheated oven and immediately turn the temperature down to 180C. Bake for 10 – 12 minutes, or until a skewer comes out clean.
  8. While the rolls are baking, brush the burgers with a little olive oil and cook over hot coals, turning only once. Using tongs, carefully cook the sides of the burger also. Should the meat still be too rare, finish off in the oven for 3 – 5 minutes. Remove the buns from the oven and leave to cool slightly. Make sure to rest the burgers for a couple of minutes also.
  9.  Assemble by slicing the buns in half and adding a healthy layer of baby leaves, then the burger and lastly a good spoonful of plum compote. Enjoy with a hearty glass of Warwick First Lady Cabernet Sauvignon and some skinny fries.