Warwick Wine Estate Shines At The Wine Town Stellenbosch Festival!

14 August 2023

Wine Town Stellenbosch Stall


Warwick Wine Estate Shines At The Wine Town Stellenbosch Festival!


Gemma Laubscher and Stefan Marais from Warwick Wine Estate took the Wine Town Stellenbosch festival by storm over the weekend of August 4th and 5th.

With their vibrant spirits and love of fine wines, they left a trail of delighted taste buds and oenophiles in their wake.


Wine Town Stellenbosch, a two-day showcase of local wines, took place at the Stellenbosch Town Hall, serving as a hub for wine buffs. Over 200 wines from the region's finest

wineries tantalised the senses. As the dynamic duo set up their stand, the excitement was evident.



Warwick’s First Lady Rose, a symphony of floral notes and summer delights, captivated palates from the get-go. The Professor Black Sauvignon Blanc, with its peach crisp allure and

irresistible charm, proved to be an instant favourite. Let's not forget the First Lady Pinotage, Three Cape Ladies, and The Blue Lady Cabernet Sauvignon, each wine has its unique

character, delighting wine connoisseurs of all kinds.


As the doors of the festival opened, the wine lovers poured in, and they found themselves irresistibly drawn back to Warwick's stall throughout the weekend, eager for more of the

wine they had sampled. Tokens were exchanged generously for full glasses, and it was evident that Warwick's wines had cast a spell over the festival attendees.



Wine Town Collage


Friday saw Professor Black Sauvignon Blanc and the First Lady Rose attract the most interest. The Blue Lady Cabernet Sauvignon, with its black plum, and blueberry elements on the nose

with dried herbs on the palate proved to be the star of Saturday's red wine offerings, charming all the red wine enthusiasts. It was not just about the wines for Gemma and Stefan.

They had great conversations with other industry professionals from Stellenbosch and beyond. The festival became a melting pot of knowledge.



Warwick Wine Estate is already excited to return for more next year!