Behind the Scenes: Warwick Celebrates Women's Month

14 September 2022

In 2022, we launched an exciting new campaign to celebrate Women’s Month—the first of its kind for Warwick.

As a women-founded and now women-run wine farm with many firsts under its belt, we were inspired to honour South African women, their pioneering spirits, grit, resilience, and ongoing innovation.

South African women have helped to shape the best things in our society, from Human Rights to Cape Blends.



It all Started With a Manifesto


To see hope when others lose faith

To meet each new challenge

with flair and grace - and ignite hope in others


To rise - and rise again,

against all odds, and shine bright

in a world determined

to dim your voice


To take a handful of ingredients and prepare a feast

To nurture, to guide, to care, to teach


To unite in sisterhood, always making space at the table

To pioneer, to lead, to overcome, to enable


That’s the beauty and resilience that lives in every First Lady.


That’s the art of being a woman.



The Big Idea

Our overarching goal was to develop an authentic and engaging message that was cohesive, collaborative, and celebratory and resonated with women from all walks of life.

To honour our female origins and foundation as a brand, we focused on the essence of creation and the pioneering spirit of those that came before, like our founder Norma Ratcliffe. We wanted something visually striking and emotive, which led to the idea of having a series of illustrations to colour a special selection of our memorable First Lady wines.

This series would illustrate the three main qualities of women who are leaders:

Pioneer. Resilience. Passion.

That’s when Amy-Lee Tak, chosen for her distinct style and use of rich, vibrant colours that boldly illustrate the essence of femininity and freedom, stepped in to create her unique pieces of art that would adorn our wine bottles.



 Meet the Artist

Amy-Lee Tak was the perfect collaborator for this unique campaign, being a self-made artist who possesses all of our celebrated traits.

We felt that this local, self-taught artist celebrates the art of being a woman through her work and truly matched the 
essence of Women’s Month and The Art of Being a Woman.




Collaboration was Key


From our favourite woman-led brands to an incredible local female artist and women-founded and run non-profits, selecting our partners and collaborators was a large part of making this campaign a celebration of females.

Our brand partners were all selected because they embodied trust, quality, and luxury and were all founded or run by women. They were Bone Studio, Mally, Crystal Birch and Africology, and many more, who all contributed to an unforgettable giveaway.

And as part of our Women’s Month celebrations, we wanted to unpack the incredibly caring and giving spirit many women in society possess that is so beautifully put into action within communities around our country through charitable giving.

Our winner was given the opportunity to make a R10,000 donation in their name to a charity of their choice. The winner chose The CORA Project, a women-led non-profit whose mission is to support menstruators from underprivileged communities in South Africa by providing them with the knowledge and resources to end period poverty.



The First Ladies

Women possess many fine qualities. However, the three that stood out the most for us and that we felt encompass the Art of Being a Woman best were innovation, resilience, and a pioneering spirit. We selected three bottles of First Lady wine to embody these traits. Amy-Lee Tak brought life to these qualities in the form of special wrappings adorning each bottle.




The Giveaway

In partnership with our selected female-led brands, we curated an exclusive Women’s Month giveaway valued at R65,000, with each brand gifting a unique product or experience to make this a fantastic giveaway.

And to honour our non-profits, the winner was given the opportunity to select a charity of their choice that would receive a R10,000 donation in his name.






Meet the Partners

We were spoiled for choice with so many incredible local South African women-owned and founded brands. Ultimately, we partnered with some of our favourites to join our festivities.



We love their approach to well-being that perfectly captured the art of being a woman through nurturing, guiding, and caring. They understand the relationship between skin, biology and consciousness while capturing the intelligence of nature.

Africology gifted a curated selection of skincare and home spa products.


Bone Studio

Their projects and products beautifully illustrate the innovative spirit associated with the art of being a woman, which is why they made the ideal collaborators for this unique campaign. We’re also inspired by their uncompromising commitment to detail while striving for individualism.

Bone Studio gifted a brand new Camille Moyen sofa.


Crystal Birch

We admire how Crystal Birch’s custom-made hats inspire and encourage women of all ages and backgrounds to express themselves through fashion. The fact that she works with a predominantly female in-house team doesn’t hurt either.

Crystal Birch gifted an exclusive tour of the hat factory and custom-made hats for the winner and two friends.



Beautiful, functional accessories can do wonders in helping women feel stronger and more confident, which is why we love Mally and their incredible leather products. Their bags present quality and longevity that complement the lifestyle and experiences of women of all ages.

Mally gifted a beautiful leather laptop bag, backpack, and sling bag with a strap.






We set out to celebrate and honour South African women with an authentic and engaging message: The Art of Being a Woman, and everything that entails. As a proudly female-founded and managed business, Warwick was thrilled to join our fellow South Africans and raise a glass to strong, inspiring females from every walk of life for Women’s Month. We can’t wait to celebrate it with you all again next year.

We can't wait to celebrate with you again next year.



Thank you to all of our partners who contributed to this amazing campaign.